Multifoam Fire Extinguisher 600ml

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Manufactured in the UK our 600ml Multifoam extinguisher is perfect for camping, in the car, on a boat or in a motorhome. It is suitable for use on fire types such as wood, papers, fabric and flammable liquids, but unlike most powder extinguishers it also has a 5F rating which covers kitchen fires.

As it is only 291mm high it can easily be stored in a safe place ready to grab when needed, it comes complete with a clip bracket for fitting into a kitchen or car boot. Powder extinguishers can create a lot of mess when used, as this extinguisher is foam it will be less messy and can be directed easier to put the fire out. Made in the UK by FX Fire, it has been tested to BS 6165:2002 with a DIN spec to 14411:2013-07.
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Technical Specification

  • 5-Year Warranty, Tested to BS 6165 :2002
  • Fire rating 5A 21B 5F
  • Supplied with simple spring clip bracket
  • Supplied full with positioning and commissioning instructions
  • Height 291mm - diameter 66mm
  • Total weight 0.82kg
  • Suitable for kitchen fires
  • Operating temperature 5°C to 60°C
  • Made by FX Fire

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