Oncoming vehicles in middle of road Sup Plate Road Sign Post Mounted (Face Only)

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Distance To Hazard Supplementary Plate 572

This sign supplementary plate is used where the layout of the road may force larger vehicles into the middle of the road. An example of this may be where a road has many tight turns that would force arctics to swing wide to clear verges.

The sign can be supplied with a number of different text sizes (known as X-heights) to suit the road it is being installed on. You would normally see this sign face alongside sign diagrams 512, 512.1, 512.2, 512.3 and 513.

This sign should always be installed in accordance with the guidance set out in the TSRGD guidelines, these are linked to on our regulations page for your convenience.


Superior Quality Sign Face

Superior quality speed bump sign

Superior quality prismatic reflective sign face ensure that the sign stands the test of time.

Durable Composite Base

Classic roll up sign hinge

Made from a composite material which is an aluminium covering over plastic, it is light and ultra strong.

Designed to be Post Mounted

Protected reflective face

Each Part of the sign comes with two rails allowing the fitment of two clips per face for secure mounting.

CertificationsConformsClass 2 ReflectivityDiagram Reference575AccuChecked✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)AccuPhoto✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)DimensionsThickness3.6mm (face), 20mm (including rails)MaterialTypeR2/RA2 reflective material on composite backingColourGrey backing, white and black signageMiscellaneousCustomisationAlternative wording and sizes available. Please call for details.

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