Oxford LowPro 1510 Driveway Trench Cover System 1500mm x 1000mm

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LowPro 1510 Flexi-edge Trench Cover

This product has all of the key features of the Low-Pro 1010 cover but with improved load and trench width capabilities. The LowPro 15/10 can support one wheel of a 3500kg vehicle over a 900mm span or up to 400kg over a 1200mm span. In most site applications, additional fixings will not need to be used (subject to risk assessment).

Meets the National Grid Specification

The LowPro 15/10 pedestrian walk board was commissioned National Grid and fully conforms to the National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42.

Lifting Equipment not Required

There is no specialist lifting equipment needed to move the 15/10 around on site. Two workers can easily deploy and remove the low-pro 15/10 without lifting equipment. This will save time and money when setting out and packing up works.

Massive 1200mm or 900mm Span

This new generation of trench cover allows for applications of up to 400kg across 1200mm or 3500kg across 900mm.

New Infill Panels Now Available!

Create longer secure trench covers with our new LowPro 1510 Infil Strips. These simple strips securely lock together multiple LowPro units, creating a strong stable platform for driveways.

Key Features of the 15/10 LowPro

  • Conforms to National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42
  • Covers 900mm trenches for 3500kg vehicles
  • Covers 1200mm for pedestrian applications up to 400kg
  • Does not require bolting down in most applications, subject to risk assessment.
  • Integrated Gas vents and Probe holes
  • Interlocking strips allow you to create long sections of trench covering with ease.

Very Stable without Bolting

It's unique anti-slip and anti-trip edging means most applications don't require bolts.

Suitable for Vans and Cars

The LowPro 15/10 can support up to 3.5t (3500kg) vehicles making both van and car applications possible.

Chapter 8 Products From Oxford Plastics

Oxford Plastics are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of Chapter 8 compliant road safety equipment. This range includes the Avalon barrier, Highwayman cone, LowPro range, Safegate, Strongwall Barrier and More.

If you require more information on this range you can get in touch with our sales team who will be able to talk you through any requirements or offer a site visit from the manufacturers if required.


Conforms National Grid Footway Board Specification T/SP/E/42
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
AccuPhoto ✔ (The photos are of the actual product type that you are ordering)
Length 1497mm
Width 990mm
Per Pallet ~970kg
Per Unit 45.9kg
Type GRP Composite centre, flexible PVC edging
Colour Yellow centre, black edging
Customisation Anti-slip moulding can be made in colour of your choice (minimum order quantity 45)
Pallet Type Double
Per Pallet 20

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