Pallet Marker Floor Sign, 430mm - Self Adhesive

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Warehouse Floor Markers 10 Pack

These warehouse floor markers are supplied in packs of 10 and are the ideal solution for marking out pallet positions in storage areas, especially those in dispatch.

These tough PVC floor markings are extremely durable and capable of withstanding everyday forklift, pallet truck and foot traffic. The high-quality permanent adhesive sticks exceptionally well to any well-sealed surface.

Thanks to their vibrant yellow colour, these high visibility markers are hard to miss. With four different shapes available they can be used to mark forklift routes, and for highlighting walkways.

Warehouse markers for pallet spaces

Four Different Shapes To Choose From

To offer ultimate flexibility there are four shapes to choose from. These include

  • Cross Markers - Great for where lines intersect
  • L Markers - Perfect for corners and perimeters
  • T Markers - Great for where two lines meet
  • Dot Markers - Create dotted outlines
  • Arrows - Show proper traffic flow direction or forklift routes

Use these great warehouse floor markers in combination with our Vinyl Floor Signs.

To further enhance safety and organisation you can use these floor markers in combination with our high-quality sign faces. Create clear zones where PPE must be worn, or where pedestrian access is prohibited.

marking pallet spaces ready for dispatch

Great For Use In A Multitude Of Industries

Quick and easy to install onto any smooth indoor floor, these markings can enhance safety wherever they are used.

Although these stickers are intended for warehouses they are perfectly at home in school storage cupboards, factories and distribution centres.

Quick And Easy Installation

Our warehouse floor markings are very easy to apply, simply ensure the floor is clean and free of dust, water and grease. Peel the backing from the sticker then place the marking into position. Apply pressure to the centre of the sticker then squeeze any air bubble toward the outside edge.

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