Pedestrians Arrow Left Cone Sign 7018a 600mm - (Cone Sold Separately)

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Pedestrians Arrow Left Cone Sign

This sign is designed to be used where it is necessary to indicate to pedestrians that they should follow the arrow, in this case to the left. Designed to be mounted on a 750mm or 1 metre cone (commonly 750mm), it means it can be stored almost flat, is light and easy to transport and is very cost effective.

  • Our new design uses a scratch resistant faces with a composite, reinforced tear resistant sleeve.
  • Chapter eight compliant Pedestrians Arrow Left 600x450mm cone sign
  • Fits over most 1 metre and 750mm cones (750mm pictured)
  • Can be easily deployed and stored.
  • Light weight but strong construction.

Please note that the cone is sold seperately.


Diagram Reference 7018a
AccuChecked ✔ (The specification has been independently checked for accuracy)
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Depth Sign face: 3mm, Sign face including sleeve: 10mm
Height 450mm
Width 600mm
Per Unit 930g
Type Printed Vinyl Face on PVC backing
Colour Black backing with Red and White Vinyl Face

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