Perspex® VA Grade Acrylic Sheet - Clear (VA 004)

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  • Perspex® VA is a high level UV grade acrylic sheet giving astounding UV absorbing properties, making this a top of the line thing to historical centers and art galleries who wish to shield shows from most harming UV light. 
  • Perspex® VA Grade is most appropriate to applications where a marginally lower level of security than Perspex® VE Grade is adequate, especially when regular shading assurance is basic, and edge clearness is a critical piece of the application. Significantly, VA Grade Perspex® sheet is incredibly clear, giving great shading interpretation of works of art and shows. 
  • Perspex® VA Grade sheet blocks 99% of UV light with frequencies of 250–385nm. 
  • Another advantage of VA Grade Perspex® is that the sheet is especially solid: multiple times the effect strength of glass and a large portion of the weight. 
  • On this page you can purchase Perspex® VA Grade in full sheets in 3mm and 5mm thick. 

Item Availability: 

  • Regularly from stock, yet may require extra 2/3 days for conveyance 
  • different thicknesses accessible subject to least request amounts 
  • Likewise accessible in a sheet size of 3000mm x 2000mm: kindly get in touch with us to examine your prerequisites 

Extra Notes:

  • Perspex® is a premium, globally perceived, brand of acrylic sheet 
  • Perspex® VA Grade acrylic sheet has a gleam finish the two sides 
  • Provided with a defensive plastic film on the two sides

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