Please Do Not Sit Here (Text) Social Distancing Seat Marker Self Adhesive 150mm Dia (Pk-14)

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These seat markers encourage people to adhere to social distancing guidelines and not sit within 2 metres of each other in public places. Each label has a diameter of 125mm and an overall diameter with disk of 150mm.

Features and Benefits:
• Highly visible in order to effectively highlight the seats not to sit on
• 4 premium quality and highly durable label designs to choose from
• Can be moved easily and used over and over again

Typical Applcations:
• Offices
• Waiting rooms
• Hospitals
• Buses
• Trains
• Stadiums
• Restaurants
• Cafeterias
• Schools
• Airports
• Conference rooms

• The black elasticated cord version is 1 metre long to accommodate most chairs, whilst also being UV resistant, waterproof and hard-wearing

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