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The smallest and most popular extinguisher in the FireChief range, the 600g ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher still has plenty of firefighting power with its 5A 21B C rating. Perfect for use around the home or in caravans and vehicles, the small powder extinguisher is supplied with a mounting bracket to ensure it is securely and discreetly stored. It then allows you to tackle a small fire in its early stages before it spreads.

With a corrosion-resistant finish, 5-year warranty and LCPB approved, these can be maintained by any extinguisher service engineer for a long and dependable life. Plus, the multi-purpose qualities of the ABC powder fire extinguisher makes it ideal for use on most fires, including wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquids and gases, as well as live electrical equipment.

Approved to BSEN3 (excluding clause 6.1 on size requirements) and has a recognisable squeeze grip operation and built to the same standard as the larger extinguisher, unlike other fire extinguishers of this size. Check out our bulk buy offers for where you’re looking to kit out a fleet of vehicles with the 600g Powder Fire Extinguisher.

"5.4.3 Use of powder extinguishers: The discharge of a powder extinguisher within buildings can cause a sudden reduction of visibility and can also impair breathing, which could temporarily jeopardize escape, rescue or other emergency action. For this reason, powder extinguishers should generally not be specified for use indoors, unless mitigated by a health and safety risk assessment."

Additionally, when looking to comply with Part 8 of the ADR regulations, ensure you meet the minimum dry powder fire extinguisher provision to suit the size of your vehicle.

If you are not sure what this means, please contact us any time or see our service. Responsible extinguisher service technicians (including ours) may refuse to certify a powder extinguisher that is not suitable for the location.

  • Suitable for home, caravans, boats, cars, and vans.


  • Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas - but never put out a gas fire if the gas cannot then be turned off) and safe around live electrical equipment.
  • Anticipated lifespan with indoor use and proper maintenance - 10 years.

Technical Specification

  • 5-Year Warranty
  • CE Marked approved, BSi Kitemarked
  • BSEN3 approved, excluding clause 6.1 (size requirement)
  • LPCB approved
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Fire rating: 5A 34B C
  • Height 207mm - diameter 68mm (Overall width 68mm)
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Discharge time 4 seconds
  • Operating temperature -30 to 60°C
  • Manufactured by FireChief

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