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The C-TEC 24V 3A EN54-4 Power Supply Unit provides a safe and reliable power supply to fire alarm auxiliary devices, whilst being an environmentally-friendly charging circuit. Ideal for providing a direct current to devices including beam detectors, AOV (Automatic Opening Vent) systems, aspirating smoke detectors, sounder systems, and auto-dial communicators.

Supplied in a tough and durable metal box to protect the electronics, the BF562-3 Power Supply Unit (PSU) manufactured by C-TEC is certified to EN54-4. Available with or without two batteries to provide backup power, this has a maximum SLA battery size of 12V, 18Ah. With link selectable battery charging capacities, the environmentally-friendly charging circuit dissipates just 0.35W (the industry norm is 2.55W) and benefits from deep discharge battery protection.

With status LED indicators using green, amber and red lights to show the condition of the PSU (supply present, general fault and auxiliary fault), it features compliant reporting of battery impedance faults. Including a single-pole volt-free changeover relay that switches for any fault condition, the 24V 3A power supply unit with switch mode is IP30 rated for indoor use.

Technical Specification

  • Mains to regulated DC power supply providing 3A @ 24V DC
  • Mains supply: 230V 50/60Hz
  • EN54-4 Approved
  • CE Marked
  • Supplied with or without 2x Yuasa NP17-12 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Dimensions: W 404mm x H 404mm x D 110mm
  • Replacement for the BT362-3 PSU
  • Manufactured by C-TEC

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