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This tough, flexible, long-lasting polymer grid permanently reinforces grassed areas, preventing them from rutting and becoming muddy when used by vehicles and pedestrians. It is essential that the grass is allowed to grow through the mesh before use to ensure that the surface is safe and strong.

  • Manufactured from HDPE
  • Rot-resistant and UV stabilized for longer life
  • Available in green or black
  • Grass grows through and intertwines with the mesh to create a strong surface
  • Natural appearance - whether a black or green mesh is selected
  • Ideal for light vehicles and pedestrian grassy areas such as car parks, grass verges, wheelchair use, golf buggy areas, light aircraft taxi-ways.


  • High level of grass reinforcement- up to 8 tonnes per axle (imposed load)
  • Ideal for permanent or temporary applications
  • No excavation or soil removal is necessarily required
  • Up to 97% improved slip resistance compared to standard grass protection meshes 
  • Grass protection mesh (slip-resistant) is a suitable and cost-effective solution for the following applications:
  • Grass Car Parks
  • Pedestrian paths
  • Light aircraft taxiways
  • Grass verges
  • Disabled (DDA) access routes
  • Caravan parks and bays
  • Wheelchair paths
  • Front lawn parking
  • SuDS Source Control


  • Cut grass short
  • Unroll mesh
  • Pinto surface using U pins or plastic pegs
  • Once the grass is growing through the plastic mesh aperture, the grass swards intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments and create a strong discreetly reinforced grass surface. The grass surface is capable of withstanding vehicle loads, limiting damage, and reducing soil compaction.
  • The mesh can be installed onto newly landscaped areas with the soil seeded as required.
  • We recommend that newly installed surfaces should not be used until a strong interlock between the plastic mesh aperture and the grass swards has been achieved (normally a few weeks during the growing season and a few months out of growing season). The effectiveness may be limited if the surface is used immediately.

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