Red STOP Sign | Post Mounted R2 Reflective Diagram 601.1

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STOP Sign Octagon in Red Post Mounted

This road grade STOP sign is part of our post mounted sign range and comes with twin channels on the rear for easy mounting.

These signs are installed on junctions that are considered to be hazardous, by making the traffic stop before proceeding it reduces the overall speed. This gives the driver the proper time to check for oncoming traffic.

These signs are suited for use in car parks, busy road junctions, and even at security checkpoints. Our stop sign diagram 601 is supplied as standard in class 2 reflective material mounted onto a composite backing.

Please Note: 750mm minimum size is applicable for on highway applications.

Red STOP Sign Octagon shape

R2,Class 2 Reflectivity

Class 2 Prismatic Reflective sign face

R2 (RA2) Reflectivity makes this sign suitable for use with vehicles and reflects around 32% of the light that hits the surface back to the driver. This material is also called HIP which stands for high intensity prismatic.

Post Mountable

Each Sign is equipped with 2 rails

Twin rear channels mean the sign face can be clamped in place and will not twist once secured. The clamps are available to supply separately and are not included with the sign face.

Composite Substrate

Composite sign base

The backing of the sign is made from a rigid plastic sandwiched between two skins of aluminium making the sign strong and very durable. As there is no steel it will not rust giving a great lifespan.

CE Marked

CE Marked Permenant Road Legal Sign

This sign is supplied CE marked and is made from road grade materials, it has a long lifespan and will stand the test of time.


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Depth 20mm
Diameter 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 1200mm
Thickness 3mm composite base
Per Unit 600mm sign: 1.513kg
Type R2/RA2 reflective material on composite backing
Customisation Alternative sizing and speed limits available. Please call for details.

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