Safety Helmets Must Be Worn Floor Sign, 430mm - Self Adhesive

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“Attention Safety Helmets Must Be Worn” Floor Sign - Self Adhesive

Within many facilities there is a necessity to wear hard hats, this can be for a variety of reasons. Some processes require equipment to be lifted overhead, and it only takes a bolt or tool to fall to cause a significant injury. Other common reasons for wearing a helmet include low obstacles and sharp unfinished edges that can often be found in heavy industry such as shipbuilding.

This floor sticker can be placed around work areas to ensure that staff members and visitors are reminded that hard hats and helmets are required in the area.

Key Features

  • Slip Resistant - Made from a slip-resistant vinyl to prevent pedestrians slipping.
  • Highly Durable - All of the graphics are printed onto the underside of the vinyl film, ensuring the marking will not wear prematurely.
  • Exceptional Adhesive Strength - High-quality adhesive will not lift if installed properly. Will stick to any smooth floor or wall.
  • High Visibility - Vibrant highly visible graphics grab attention even if an employee is always looking at their feet!
  • Very fast to install - Can be installed in minutes quickly highlighting warnings or special requirements.
  • 430mm in Diameter - Easily seen from a good distance without being too big.

Easy Application

These graphic floor signs are very easy to apply to any dry, clean flat surface.

  1. Sweep the area clearing it of loose grit and dirt.
  2. Ensure there is no water, grease or oil present.
  3. Take the sticker and peel the backing off, place it into position.
  4. Place pressure into the centre of the sticker then push outward to drive out air bubbles.

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Length 430mm
Width 430mm
Type Slip Resistant

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