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ECO 50X50X4CM Thick Grids - Without Doubt The Best Solution For Building Bases

  • No more heavy slabs & concrete bases are needed, simply lay our eco grids onto the flat area of your garden, check it's nice and level and you're ready to put your shed, greenhouse, or log cabin onto your new eco base.
  • Takes a 100 tonnes load per square meter.
  • High strength plastic - 300-tonne compression tested.
  • Injection-molded - Plastic mixed-rubber for incredible strength and flexibility.
  • 50cm x 50cm x 4cm
  • Heat and freeze tested - UV stable
  • This super eco-friendly product simply locks into position with its own integrated lock-in clips.
  • You simply lay it down in your own desired formation, to suit your own size and shape that you need to cover for ground stability & support. And the clips just push-fit and clip together.
  • Comes complete with full instructions.

Below are additionally used to shed greenhouse & playhouse bases:

  • Home driveways and patio stability for gravel or grass etc.
  • Pathways in chippings or bark etc - earth landscaped areas and elevations in your garden, which can then be walked over with no disruption to the surface which is then suitable to travel over with bikes, prams mobility vehicles, and wheelchair friendly too.
  • Emergency service - Fire Access routes
  • Grass or gravel car parks or temporary over-spill.
  • Service access roads
  • Driveways and residential lawn/gravel parking
  • Railway embankments
  • Slope and embankment reinforcement
  • Melioration ditches
  • Horse stud and paddock use
  • Buggy paths
  • School play area and access routes
  • Garden patios & pathways
  • Grass garden banks
  • Lawn protection
  • French drain effect
  • Trellis

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