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The Wireless site alert alarms from Howler have been made to make setting up a site with linked alarms easy and wireless. Powered by off the shelf alkaline batteries the alarms are easy to install and link. Each unit is addressed using DIP switches, making the system very simple to use.

In order to set up your system all you need is a master unit and then subsidiary units to cover each area you need to raise an alarm in. Each system can have up to 30 subsidiary units linked to one master unit. The alarm can be raised by simply pressing the button on any of the units in the system and then pressing the button 3 times in succession on any unit to silence.

The units have been designed to advise of low battery and disconnection by way of simple LEDs on the units strobe panel. A simple weekly check of the units in each system will allow for batteries to be changed before running out and will also alert a unit is not connected to the master unit. Made from robust materials to be weatherproof they really are the ideal solution to linked alarm systems that use wires to connect to each other.

Technical Specification

  • Wirelessly interconnects with up to 30 units (per group)
  • Weatherproof
  • 8 different channels for multiple zones
  • Low battery and non connectivity indication
  • Uses 3 x C size and 1 x PP3 9v alkaline batteries
  • No control panel needed
  • Easy to operate alarm/stop button
  • Manufactured by Howler

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