Slip Resistant Safery Matting - Charcoal Black

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  • Made from high molecular density foam with 'bounce' properties up to 4 times as effective as standard foam matting for improved comfort and productivity.
  • Standing employees working on Zed Land will feel better and have improved productivity.
  • Dropped components will also be protected from accidental damage.
  • Zed Land will not deaden and shows minimal wear after 2000 Taber abrader cycles in test conditions to ASTM D4060.


  • Certified wear resistance ASTM 4060: <1.5%
  • Good slip resistance
  • Excellent standing fatigue-reducing properties will boost productivity
  • Easy to cut to shape and quick to install
  • Provides underfoot comfort in static sensitive environments


  • Minimal wear standing foam which will not deaden
  • Embossed pebble surface
  • Patented vinyl foam construction with superior resilience
  • Electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties

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