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By installing the Klaxon Sonos ceiling sounder beacon, you can reduce the number of units required and ensure you provide a visual and auditory warning to protect everyone. Perfect for meeting the needs of those with hearing difficulties in the workplace or public buildings, the combined sounder beacons are also used in noisy work environments where employees wear hearing protection.

Suit your specific fire alarm requirements with options including either a white or red flash, white or red housing, and with deep and shallow versions available. With Pulse Alert Technology exceeding the illumination requirements of EN54-23, the ceiling-mounted combined sounder beacon provides 97 decibels of sound output.

With a maximum coverage of 15 meters, the Visual Alarm Devices (VADS) from Klaxon maximise system efficiency by minimising power consumption and the synchronised flash protects everyone, including those prone to photosensitive epilepsy.

With no surge current during startup, the wire to base technology also makes these quick and simple to install, with mounting and wiring made only to the base, with the head clicking on during commissioning. Plus, the Klaxon Sonos ceiling sounder beacon is easy to upgrade from a previous version, with the deep base version being weatherproof to IP65.


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Technical Specification

  • Certified to EN54-23/EN54-3
  • Pulse Alert Technology
  • Body Colour: Red or White
  • Flash Colour: Red or White
  • Base Version: Shallow or Deep
  • Wire to base technology
  • Deep Base: IP65 Rated
  • Shallow Base: IP21 Rated
  • Manufactured by Klaxon

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