Spectrum UniPrime X250 Primer For Concrete

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Uniprime X250 Acrylic Base Primer for Concrete

A single pack primer which is fast drying and designed for use with acrylic paints and MMA resins. It is fully sprayable using airless spray equipment; can also be hand applied. Used to prime concrete and other cementitious surfaces, after suitable preparations, to promote excellent adhesion for Spectrum ViaLine, UltraLine, UltraStripe, UltraSpray, UltraGrip and many other products from the Ultra MMA range.

Key Features:

  • Fast drying
  • Fully sprayable
  • Designed for use with acrylic paints and MMA resins

Application & Surface Preperation

The application surface should be sound and clean, free from grease, oil, rust, scale, dirt, or any other soiling that might affect adhesion or performance. In any case, but especially in the case of overcoating existing line markings, it is further recommended that test areas be coated to ensure good adhesion and/or compatibility with the substrate.

Tarmac – weathered - It is recommended that asphalt and other similar surfaces be allowed to through harden for up to 6 months before painting. Test trials should be carried out in the first instance on a small area.

Concrete & other cementitious surfaces – including powerfloat, tamped or brushed concrete, monoblocks & pavers – Ensure surface is sound, clean and free from laitance – we recommend a preparation method suitable for the specific location and surface is carried out before application of product, to ensure surface is properly prepared back to clean and sound substrate.

Examples of preparation methods that may be suitable are captive shot blasting, diamond grinding, scabbling or planing. It is critical that utmost attention is paid to cleanliness and good workmanship, whatever preparation method is used, as the presence of any loose material, dust, soiling or previous coatings are likely to reduce adhesion of new coatings.

New concrete should be left to harden before coating, as the curing process and residual moisture content can lead to product delamination if coated too early.


Mixing instructions: Stir thoroughly. Thinning: This product is supplied ready to use and need not be thinned. If thinning is required, Type II Thinner may be used, up to 20% by volume


We recommend the use of airless spray equipment. Roller or brushes can be also be used if spray equipment is not available. Temperature: Do not apply when: either the air or surface temperature is below 5°C; when there is mist, fog, or snow; when rain is imminent; when humidity is high or when the surface is wet with condensation; either during the application or likely during the drying period. Do not use in high humidity.

Curing Times

  • Touch dry: 20 minutes @ 15⁰C
  • Walk on time: 30 minutes @ 15⁰C
  • Traffic time:60 minutes @ 15⁰C
  • Full cure 60 minutes @ 15⁰C
  • Recoat:1 hours @ 15⁰C


Per Unit 5Kg / 25Kg
Type Solvent Based Paint
Application By Brush, Roller or Airless Spray System.

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