ST Rebound Reflective Hazard Marker - Red & White

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ST Rebound Marker

The ST Rebound Marker is a surface-mounted alternative to the ST Blade or Wychwood Marker. It is a core part of our verge marker range, ideal for use on public roads and private roads as it is compliant with all appropriate TSRGD requirements.

The ST Rebound can differ from many of our verge markers in that it can be either surface mounted or cast using the ST Cast-In-Cage (available separately). Bolt down fixing makes the ST Rebound very simple to replace if it ever becomes damaged, as it can be unbolted, and quickly reinstated.

Capable of withstanding multiple impacts from vehicles travelling at up to 70kph (45mph) this marker is ideal for areas near roundabouts, layby's and along a considerable amount of country roads.

Twin Sided

Dual red and white colour allow this bollard to be installed along two-way roads, with a single-sided variant available for one-way restricted areas.

Stubby Variant

The short variant is available to order by phone; it offers an ideal solution for those looking to mount the markers on top of a raised platform or barrier system.

Multiple Fitment Options

The ST Cast-In-Cage is the ideal choice for fresh installations where a hole can be made and the mounting plate secured with concrete. When installing the ST Rebound onto existing tarmac or concrete surfaces, you will only require four of our universal fixings.

Both fixing options are available to choose above; you will only need one or the other, not both.


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Height 1000mm
Width 85mm Face | Base 205mm
Per Unit 2.4kg
Type Polypropylene
Colour Black & White With Reflective Panels
Customisation Single Sided or Twin Sided
Installation Bolts down onto existing hard surface or to an optional "cast in cage"

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