Stacka Led Lamp - Chapter 8 Barrier Beacon

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STACKA LED Barrier Hazard Warning Lamp

The STACKA Lamp from WHI-Safeguard is a LED flashing or continuous lamp that runs on AA Batteries. The Lamp is designed to add visibility to pedestrian barriers. The lamps feature a clamp system that is designed to be used with almost any pedestrian barrier. The STACKA is built to be attached to the barrier and then left in place from job-to-job. Most other Barrier lamps have to be removed when being stacked taking up time and also resulting in more breakages and units being lost.

Great Battery Life

The biggest benefit of using the STACKA lamp is that it utilises LED Technology to extend battery life, therefore bringing down expense. Powered by just two AA batteries which are one of the cheapest available batteries on the market, the lamp has a battery life of either 1500 hours flashing or 750 hours static.

Compatible with my Barriers?

Melba Swintex

  • Gate Barrier
  • Olympic Barrier
  • Vision Barrier
  • Master Barrier
  • Tuff Barrier
  • Boss Barrier
  • Wonder Wall BarrierSpecifications
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Height 120mm
Length 230mm
Width 80mm
Per Unit 335g
Colour Yellow bracket with amber lens
Accessories Tool included, Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Type Sealed plastic bag
Per Box 40

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