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3M Stamark Removable Marking Tape A715 Black

This black 3m Stamark tape is the ideal product for masking over existing road markings temporarily whilst works are being carried out. The back of the Stamark is self-adhesive, it uses an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive, which firmly sticks to the road surface and original markings.

Once laid down the old line-markings cannot be seen as the Black Stamark is very opaque. This relieves any confusion for traffic passing through the site as the old markings simply cannot be seen, improving worksite safety.

Once the work is finished the black Stamark can be lifted and disposed of. This means that the old markings where still relevant do not need to be re-applied. This reduces the closure time of the road down to a minimum allowing traffic to start flowing as soon as possible.

Please Note: This item is sold per metre.

Key Applications

  • Black - Masking road markings that would cause confusion during roadworks, diversions and events.
  • White marking - Providing clear lane and directional guidance to drivers during roadworks.
  • Multi-Surface For application to both tarmac and concrete surfaces, giving clear and straightforward lane guidance.

Key Features:

  • Superior Traction - Brilliant skid resistant properties ensure that these markings provide no hazard to foot and car traffic.
  • Vibrant White and Matt Blacks - THe white colouring is retro-reflective meaning these temporary markings are often more visible than traditional paints. The back markings are Matt in colour, meaning they do not reflect sunlight or headlights and blend into the background as much as possible.
  • Easy To Apply - The tape is self-adhesive and supplied on a roll, it can be manually applied with basic tools or applied with roller machinery for larger jobs, speeding up the application process.
  • Minimal Prep Work Required - When Applied in the right conditions the tape requires no priming. Ideally, the tape should be applied with air temperatures above 10c with no rain in the prior 48 hours.


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Length 1m, whole roll: 109.73m
Width 152mm
Type Anti-skid self-adhesive line marking tape
Colour Black

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