StartMark Anti-Slip MMA Road Marking Paint

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StartMark MMA Road Marking Paint - Anti Slip 16kg

StartMark MMA anti-skid paint is a highly durable road marking paint with a lifespan up to four times that of our StartMark S.B Acrylic Line Marking Paint. This longer lifespan makes this paint especially suited to high traffic areas where other paints would not last.

StartMark MMA is a solvent-free, non-reflective and contains 2mm anti-skid aggregates for improved traction. The grip offered makes this paint system ideal for car parks, especially where there is high foot traffic.

This heavy-duty two-part paint is supplied as a base marking material with an activating component. The MMA is cold applied and has a very rapid drying time, which minimizes disruption in busy areas.

Key Features:

  • Applied Cold - No need for gas burners or blow lamps.
  • Highly Durable - will last up to 4 x longer than other line marking paints.
  • Anti-Skid - Aggregate gives this paint a great skid resistance of > 55 SRT.
  • Weather Resistant - Won’t degrade in the sun, wind or rain.
  • Excellent Adhesion - Will stick to almost floor surface with a long durable life span.
  • No Special Equipment Needed - Can be applied with very basic equipment.

Suitable Applications For Start Mark MMA


  • Main Roads - Where heavy traffic is constant and enduring.
  • Cycle Routes - Apply a background colour to your cycle route ensuring that pedestrians know that cyclists may be present.
  • Walkways - Colour code walkways for pedestrians in multi-story car parks helping them stay out the path of traffic.
  • Parking Spaces - Apply blue backgrounds to disabled bays helping to make them stand out for drivers with disabilities (You can use our thermoplastic markings for disabled logos too!)
  • Loading Bays - Mark areas where vehicles are prohibited from in industrial and warehouse environments.

Applying & Working With StartMark MMA Anti Skid Paint

Surface Preparation

  1. Ensure the road surface is clean and free of oil, dust, and de-icing salts. The surface temperature should be between 5 and 45°C with a moisture content of less than 4%.
  2. If the surface is especially smooth or concrete then our StartMark Primer will be required.
  3. Mask off any areas using duct tape to get a sharp edge.
  4. Mix your paint - 200grams of activator to the whole 16kg base. Use drill fitted mixing head. From this point, you have 15 minutes of working time at 20°C.
  5. Apply the paint with a squeegee, trowel, medium pile roller or hand mould.
  6. As soon as the paint is applied begin removing any masking products to prevent edge tearing.

Fast Drying Line Marking Paint

When working with our MMA paint you will need to ensure all preparation works are carried out before mixing the activator in. Once the activating component is mixed in StartMark MMA is very fast drying. The surface will be touch dry within 10-15 minutes and ready for traffic at around one hour from the application.

The working time for StartMark MMA Anti-skid is as follows;

  • 10min @ 30°C
  • 15min @ 20°C
  • 20min @ 10°C

You should ensure before mixing your paint that all masking work is done, otherwise, your paint will set before you are finished.

What Does MMA Stand For?

MMA stands for Methyl Methacrylate and is a cold plastic marking paint. Activating compound is DBPO (dibenzoyl peroxide). With each 16kg tub of MMA paint, we supply 200 grams of activator. Although this paint has an odour it is Non-Toxic.

Use StartMark MMA Over Thermoplastic Markings Or With New Thermoplastic Markings

As this paint has quite a thick consistency and is high build it can be used over the top of worn thermoplastic markings. Thermoplastic markings can also be used over the top of this material. Special guidelines apply to ensure that the MMA material does not get scorched during this process.

How Much Start Mark MMA Cold Plastic Paint Do I Need?

For smooth surfaces, you should expect to get between 6/7 square metres per 16kg container. This coverage may vary depending on the roughness of the area you are covering.

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