Thermoplastic 5mph Speed Marking

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5mph Roundels multiple Sizes & colours

Our 5mph speed limit roundels are part of our wide range of speed limit roundels and a wider range of road markings. Most commonly seen in car parks these 5mph speed roundels are great for informing motorists of speed limits, especially when used alongside road signs.

These pre-cut 5 mph speed limit roundels are a great alternative to hand-painted roundels. This is because they are always the correct size and shape. There are several other benefits to thermoplastic markings when compared to traditional markings. These benefits include;

  • Easy Application - No special knowledge, talent or years at art school required, just a clean surface and a gas heat gun.
  • Professional Appearance - These markings always look good due to their pre-cut design.
  • Fast To Install - Minimal surface preparation is required for these markings, with a worst-case scenario requiring an application of primer.
  • Non-Slip - Apply glass bead to enhance the traction of your marking, both for pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Conforms to BSEN 1871
5mph Speed Roundel Installed

Choose From Tri-Colour or MonoChromatic


Tri-Colour example

Tri-Colour Markings are those supplied in “full colour” in this case Red, White and Black. They have their own contrast but cost a little bit more.


MonoChromatic Roundels

These roundels only use white colour and have no background to them. They are more commonly seen on public highways.

Choose From An Array Of Sizes

When travelling towards a speed roundel at speed it needs to be intentionally distorted. This ensures that it can still be interpreted correctly by approaching motorists.

Our range of roundel sizes includes;

  • 750mm x 750mm
  • 1200mm x 1200mm
  • 2500mm x 1500mm
  • 3200mm x 1500mm
  • 4300mm x 1500mm
  • 4570mm x 1500mm
  • 7600mm x 1500mm

Other sizes are available upon request but may carry a longer delivery time.


Conforms BS EN 1871
Type Thermoplastic
Application If using glass bead, 250g of glass bead per square metre

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