Thermoplastic Zebra Crossing Sheets 1m x 500mm In White or Yellow

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Thermoplastic Zebra Crossing Panels StartMark

Putting a zebra crossing down is now easier than ever with our thermoplastic panels. One Panel is 1000x500mm, these are ordered as single panels to make up whatever size of crossing you require.

We recommend including glass bead and primer with your order. The glass bead improves the traction and reflectivity of the crossing, and the primer ensures that the markings will adhere to concrete or worn tarmac effectively.

Our road markings are ideal for all pedestrian areas, they are road grade markings that are hard wearing and will last a long time. Some of the most popular applications are at schools, hospitals, car parks, factories, warehouses and depots.

If you want to create a yellow and white high contrast crossing like the one shown here, you will need to order double the amount of primer, and glass beads. If you have any questions at all just contact our sales team.

How Many Thermoplastic Panels do I Need?

Road Width in Metres Panels Required Glass Beads Required in Kg 400ml Primer Tins Required
2 3 1 1
2.5 3 1 1
3 4 1 2
3.5 4 1 2
4 5 1 2
4.5 5 1 2
5 6 2 2
5.5 6 2 2
6 7 2 3
6.5 7 2 3
7 8 2 3
7.5 8 2 3

Thermoplastic Sheet

A Single 1 metre by 500mm thermoplastic sheets.

Spray Primer

Seals the existing surface ready for installation.

1Kg Glass Beads

Provides improved traction and visibility.

What Else Will I Require?

Outside of the above-mentioned parts, you should only require PPE equipment, a heat gun, broom, and propane gas. The heat gun is available to buy on our site.


Length 100cm
Width 50cm
Type Thermoplastic Marker
Colour White | Yellow | Others Available
Application If using glass bead, 250g of glass bead per square metre
Weight 2.1kg

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