Unbreakable Polycarbonate Indoor Convex Mirror

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The Indoor Convex Stainless Steel Mirrors are virtually unbreakable allowing you to have constant surveillance for years to come once it’s installed. The polished finish gives you an excellent view, and the PVC ring around the mirror gives you extra protection against damage. The steel mirror is perfect for areas with extreme conditions, and can stand up particularly well to vandalism. It's been tested in the same conditions as the SeeClear Traffic Steel Mirror, making it virtually unbreakable.
The convex mirror is lightweight making it easy to install. If the mirror was somehow smashed, its steel design means it won’t shatter into sharp pieces which can be really dangerous. This makes the mirror ideal of surveillance in areas such as:
Food production plants, minimising the risk of glass or acyclic material in other mirrors getting into the food
In hospitals where shattered glasses could lead to further danger of injury
In warehouses of factories where there is danger of vehicles running into the mirror
The mirror can be delivered straight to your door and you can install it on minutes with the wall brackets which are included.

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