Unofficial Car Charging Logo Variant 1

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Thermoplastic Car Charging Symbol

This Car Charging bay marker is an "unofficial" marker, meaning it cannot be used on the public highway. If you were looking for a marker that you can install on the public highway and that is recognised by the department of transport then check out the S65 Marking.

If you are installing these markings on a private office car park, petrol station, school, university or similar you have the freedom to choose from the "unofficial" list of charging markers. 

All of these markers are available with white or yellow symbols and a choice of background colours (or none at all).


Colour For This Marking

The official charging symbol should be a white logo on a black background. However, on private property almost any colour combination can be used. We have included above the most popular options.

If choosing the “none” option for the background colour you will not receive any “background” material, so the colour of the road/tarmac etc will show through.

Don’t forget your Primer

If you are applying this to anything other than brand new tarmac you will likely require a primer. This is available to purchase separately in both 5-litre containers or 400ml spray cans.

Glass Bead

To ensure that the logo and the background are non slip glass bead should be used. We sell this in small bags suitable for increasing the traction underfoot for the logo and its background.

Propane Torch

Propane Gas Burner

To heat the material and properly adhere it to the surface of the road you will require a propane gas burner. We have these on the shelf ready to ship.


Width Without Background: 850mm | With Background 1m

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