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The complete wildfire beater kit is perfect for holiday parks, country walking routes, camp sites, farms and other outside spaces to tackle the risk of accidental or malicious wildfires. Each kit contains a fire beater, forestry rake and rakehoe, as well as either a long firefighters’ axe, meaning you’re prepared to tackle small, medium and large wildfires.

Available to purchase altogether in this wildfire firefighting kit, it ensures you have everything you need to tackle a grass, marsh or forest fire at the best possible price.

Wildfire Fire Beater

A classic piece of wildfire kit, the 1.2m long handle allows the beating operation to happen at a distance, smothering the flames and halting the spread of the fire. The fibreglass handle is corrosion and rot resistant with a steel bracket connecting the solid rubber beater, made from the same industrial-grade rubber.

Wildfire Rakehoe

Also known as a McLeod, the forestry rakehoe has a two-sided blade and a long fibreglass handle. Designed to rake fire lines with the teeth, the sharpened hoe edge is suitable for cutting branches and turf and well as removing debris from the fire path.

Wildfire Rake

The forestry rake has four sharp steel blades and is used for creating rake fire lines and cutting through roots and brush for general maintenance and wildfire control. Each V-shaped tine is serrated and allows you to rake burning material back into an already-burned area so it can be left to burn itself out and prevents the spread of flames.

Firefighter Axe

An indispensable tool used for tackling wildfires and other forest and brush clearance tasks, the main blade of the long firefighter axe chops wood while the rear mattock blade is generally used for digging through and around roots in the soil.

Additional wildfire tools can be purchased separately to supplement the wildfire firefighting kit.

Technical Specification

  • Fire Beater
    • Handle length – 1200mm
    • Beater dimensions – 310 x 450mm
  • Forestry Rakehoe
    • Overall length – 1360mm
    • Removeable rakehoe head dimensions – 224 x 77mm
  • Forestry Rake
    • Overall length – 1215mm
    • Removeable rake head dimensions – 313 x 85mm
  • Long Firefighter Axe
    • Overall length – 892mm
    • Axe head length – 279mm
    • Head breadth – 32mm
  • Kit contents manufactured by FireChief

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